Hey guys!

Thank you all for coming by and visiting our table during Wondercon. I was really exhausted and was fighting a cold that weekend, but it was a lot of fun meeting and talking to all of you!

For those who were interested in buying my prints online, all of my merchandise is now available and up-to-date on my STORENVY.

Also check out my table partner’s tumblr, Ybee. She’s reaaaally good at drawing! haha

Anyways!! Thank you all again!!! Now I can finally rest.

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come visit A008

there we are

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Star Trek TNG Buttons! My favorite 90s space drama in the whole entire world!

I’m going to be selling these buttons at Anaheim’s upcoming Wondercon this weekend. I hope to reach out to all the other Trekkie fans out there!

The buttons will also be available for purchase in my STORENVY after the convention weekend!

Batman & Robin print I’ll be selling at Wondercon!

Ybee and I will be sharing a booth at Anaheim’s upcoming Wondercon this April 18-20th at booth AA-008

We’ll be selling new prints, buttons— the usual! Stay tuned on our art blogs for more merchandise updates!

Hope to see you all there!

Static Shock print I’ll be selling at next weekend’s Wondercon! I’ll be tabling with Ybee at table AA008. I’ll be sure to post up a map later on.

It will also be available to purchase on my storenvy after Wondercon weekend.


Hey everyone!! This year the lovely Killertune and I will be tabling at Fanime! We’re super pumped to show our stuff and to see everyone!!! More news to come soon! Hope to see you all there! \^o^/

Oh my gosh Rachel this is so cute!

But we’re so excited! This will be our first time to table at Fanime! I honestly can’t wait!

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some fire emblem sketches. debating on whether I should compile all my fire emblem sketches in a sketchbook to sell. But we shall see!

Some strange Ace Attorney pins I’ll be selling for this upcoming Wondercon. 

Combined Pin Set is also available on storenvy!


Hey everybody! After much inquiry and anticipation, I finally opened my official online art store! I’ll be sure to notify you all on any shop updates and art additions in the very near future.

Note: And for those who order any of my prints online in the next few days, there might be a couple of days delay in sending off orders as I am still waiting on my bulk shipment of mailing tubes to arrive.

Thank you very much for your patience! Happy Shopping!